The Laboratory uses no-destructive or micro-destructive diagnostic techniques for the execution of introductive and complementary studies on conservative project. The methods offer a scientific and technical consultancy about the stratigraphic survey and the recognition of decay events – previous and actual – and their progressive monitoring.

Lab is a place to test diagnostic techniques over the historic buildings, to improve the preservation instruments and to define appropriate conservation methods. It supplies a scientific support for interpretation of recorded data, a technical consultancy in the execution of surveys and for the choice about the appropriate tests.

The research team investigate the history and decay of architectural heritage with  direct method in “masonry in elevation” stratigraphy, chemical-physical-mineralogical  surveys (also with others laboratories of Politecnico di Milano), documentary and archival research. Thermography is integrated with psychometric and gravimetric surveys to supervise the thermo-hygrometric exchange dynamics between space and masonry, to discern the adduction ways of water into the structures and in the treatment of “building physics”. The results are coordinated and returned with the procedure known as Raumbuch, which permit an easy lecture of the decay in relation with its history, an efficient identification of causes and an aware choice about the therapies.

The laboratory is focused on the control of innovative systems (Temperierung) in historic building, to guarantee contained consumptions and limited damages in the masonry structures.

The laboratory offers technical and scientific consultancy promoted and coordinated by the Politecnico di Milano; it supplies an organic service of support to didactics, graduand and graduate of the SSBAP (Graduate School in Architectural and Landscape Heritage), for the instrumental surveys, and for the elaboration of conservative and reuse projects.



scientific Committee:

Alberto Grimoldi, Davide Del Curto, Angelo Landi, Luca Valisi    POLITECNICO DI MILANO – DAsTU
Cesare Maria Joppolo    POLITECNICO DI MILANO – Energia
Carlo Manfredi    Mibac
Giovanna Alessandrini    già CNR-ICVCB
Dario Camuffo    CNR-ISAC

scientific coordinator:

Alberto Grimoldi


Luca Valisi

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Emanuele Facchi +39.(0)               emanuele.facchi@mail.polimi.it
Raul Musiate Arellano +39.(0)                 raulmusiate@gmail.com
Giacomo Menini  +39.(0)               giacomo.menini@polimi.it



LADC  –  Laboratorio di Analisi e Diagnostica del Costruito

Politecnico di Milano  –  Dipartimento di Architettura e Studi Urbani

Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 26 – 20133 Milano


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e-mail: davide.delcurto@polimi.it        luca.valisi@polimi.it


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