Analysis and Diagnostic


analisi trostburgIn the field of conservation, as in medicine, diagnosis means determining the nature or location of the disease based on the evaluation of symptoms.

Diagnostic techniques, applied to cultural heritage developed from the 80’s, are now disseminated at all levels of the construction process for the assessment and decay measurement symptoms.

Laboratory applies the method of medical anamsesis to the historic heritage through different diagnostic techniques, e.g. masonry stratigraphy and the archival research.

To completely describe a historic building state of art, it is essential to know the sequence of actions that led to the current configuration. To define a comprehensive diagnostic framework is essential to integrate and understand the historical and instrumental data.

Results are coordinated and returned using the tradition of inventories and developed in the German linguistic area under the name Raumbuch.



Thermographic Analysis

  • Analysis of thermal irregularities in built structures
  • Non-destructive analysis and imaging of plastered masonry
  • Analysis of moisture content and evaporative phenomena


Thermohygrometric Analysis and Gravimetric analysis


  • Microclimate monitoring
  • Mapping of T and RH distribution in interiors
  • Assessment of hygrothermal exchanges between environment and structures


microclimate analysis

  • Quantitative determination of water content in masonry
  • Porosimetry and absorption tests
  • Evalutation of protection treatments


Structural monitoring and stress–strength analysis

  • Short-term and long-term structural monitoring through strain gauges
  • Resistographic tests on timber structures



Thermographic Analysis

foto termocamera 

  • thermographic camera  Flir Agema 900P6XX
  • thermographic camera  Flir P6XX


Thermohygrometric Analysis and Gravimetric analysis


  • Analytical balance Sartorius mod. M30
  • Thermo hygrometer Novasina Defensor Ms1
  • Multifunction digital microprocessor thermometer Delta HD 8704


Psychrometric analysis and microclimate study


  • Digital psychrometer TecnoEl PW600
  • Anemometer Ahlborn – Almeno 2290-2 V5
  • data loggers Escort Junior JC08
  • data loggers Hanwell Humbug


Structural monitoring and Stress–strength analysis


  • Resistograph for wooden structure RESI 400s
  • Pressler gimlet 400 mm
  • Deformeter
  • Magnetometer Segea Rebar Plus
  • Sclerometer


Topographic survey

  • Total station Geotop Topcon GTS-3B




  • Microscope LEICA DMLM/P B2:00
  • Stereo microscope LEICA MZ6


Analytical chemistry

  • Analytical chemistry Kits for building site Archeides

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