Oratorio di Santo Stefano, Lentate sul Seveso, Milano

Type: Research contract between the Municipality of Lentate sul Seveso and Politecnico di Milano

This project aims to evaluate a Temperierung system placed in Oratorio di Santo Stefano, a 14th-century frescoed chapel. The research methodology has included different tyoes of noninvasive techniques: Psychrometrics and Thermographic analysis and continuum monitoring of T (°C) and RH (%).



Rocca di Spilamberto, Modena

  • Microclimate monitoring
  • Thermographic Analysis
  • Psychrometric analysis
  • Quantitative determination of water in masonry


Santa Maria di Senzago, Salò, Brescia

  • Stratigraphic analysis
  • Plaster characterization
  • Analysis of the decays
  • Consultancy to the restoration project


Castello di Trostburg, Waidbruck – Ponte Gardena, Bolzano


Type: Research contract between Sudtiroler Burgeninstitut and Politecnico di Milano

Trostburg Castle, in Tyrol, presented increasing structural problems requiring a careful investigation. Cracks have been monitored in the long-term to investigate if structural damages could be influenced by the construction of highway tunnels just nearby thecastle foundations. Collected data were discussed and compared from different perspectives,  in order to evaluate limits and possibilities of several proposed methods of building analysis.

The research used was the Raumbuch system, which identifies a method of analysis and management of complex monumental buildings derived from the traditional inventories and developed in German-speaking countries during the 1990s. This method consists of the progressive division and codification of an architectural complex in smaller and smaller sections that can be identified by type and construction history:single buildings, rooms, floors, ceilings and walls. The data are then collected in the form of a “book of rooms” which considers any single room as its basic unit.