Laboratory tests of the Friendly-Heating heaters



Paper “Laboratory tests for the evaluation of the heat distribution efficiency of the Friendly-Heating heaters” reports the results of three innovative laboratory tests implemented during winter 2013 in the framework of the Climate for Culture European Project (2009–2014). Thermal analysis was used to assess the heating efficiency of some heaters with different power consumption, geometric shape and dimensions.

Experimental laboratory results were obtained under natural indoor environmental conditions and the outcomes were applied to a real case study of two churches on the Italian Alps during the Friendly Heating project.

Villa Reale, Milano

Research contract between the Municipality of Milan and Politecnico di Milano

The building nowadays known as Villa Reale and housing the Gallery of Modern Art of Milan (GAM) was built at the end of the 18th century. A multidisiciplinary surveying strategy was designed to analyse the indoor climate of Villa Reale, coupling diagnostics and historical research. The on-site measurements of the hygrothermal parameters have been performed as recommended by the Italian standard UNI 10829:1999 providing two types of analysis: 1) Spot monitoring, Psychrometrics and Thermographic analysis. 2) Continuum monitoring of T (°C) and RH (%).


Anfiteatro Arena di Verona

Type: Research contract between the Municipality of Verona and Politecnico di Milano

The objective of this project was the maintenance of the cavea of the amphitheatre through the restoration of the mortar joints.

The diagnostic project included a survey of the draining systems, an analysis of the water infiltrations and a thermographic mapping of the water leakage through vaults and masonry structures.

The results of this research, along with a study of the effects of the traditional practice of adding some metallic materials to the plaster, were used to investigate and develop the most appropriate materials and mixtures for case-sepcific interventions.